Center for Molecular Imaging

Welcome to the Center for Molecular Imaging

The Center for Molecular Imaging is a state-of-the-art facility aimed at providing the research community with the latest imaging Instruments. CMI is located at the Biomedical Science Research Building and is a shared resource aimed at providing state-of-the-art imaging services for the research community. CMI offers a diverse range of imaging systems, that can be Reserved for your research imaging needs, including two IVIS bioluminescent/fluorescent imaging systems, a Bruker 7 Tesla horizontal bore MRI system, a 9.4 Tesla, a Siemens PET/CT and a Bruker CT system. The Other Services that we provide to help with your research are Data Analysis and the purchase of Luciferin Potassium Salt. The CMI has become a central, diverse and dynamic resource facility wherein exchange of techniques and ideas can occur, fostering productive interdisciplinary collaborations in research.

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